A common question among homeowners is how much should a refinance cost? That’s because as many people know, a refinance could save you money, get you a better interest rate, lower your monthly payment, and so much more.

Plus after using a mortgage savings calculator, many homeowners are more inclined to want to refinance their home mortgage.

So how much should a refinance cost? Well it depends on where you live and your current financial situation, but for the most part there are some general charges and fees that will give you a rough estimate of how much it should cost.

How Much Should a Refinance Cost

Every state and municipality is different, which is why the cost to refinance will vary depending on where you live. However, the typical fees and charges are listed below with the estimated cost for each.

Mortgage Application

You should expect to pay roughly 1 percent of the total loan in order to process the mortgage application.This fee will usually be charged even if the refinance is not approved.

Estimated cost: $75 – $300

Home Appraisal

The lender could request that you pay for a home appraisal in order to assess the market value of the home. This will need to be done, even if the home was appraised when you obtained the original mortgage.

Estimated cost: $225 – $700

Loan Origination

To ensure there are no issues prior to submitting the loan to the underwriter, a lender will evaluate the fees during the loan origination.

Estimated cost: 1 – 1.5 percent of the total principal

Document Preparation

Lenders collect and prepare the main documents needed for the refinance process. These documents include the refinanced mortgage, note, and truth-in-lending statement.

Estimated cost: $200 – $500

Title Search

All court records, previous deeds, and property databases will be researched by a title company to make sure the title checks out with no issues.

Estimated cost: $700 – $900


In order to have the refinance on public record, you will have to pay a recording fee. The cost of this fee will vary according to the state’s governmental organization that’s in charge of it.

Estimated cost: $25 – $250

Flood Certification

If your property is located in a designated flood zone, you may have to get a flood certification and pay for flood insurance during the life of the loan.

Estimated cost: $50 – $150 for the certification

Home Inspection

You may have to pay for a home inspection, which is different from the appraisal. During the inspection a professional home inspector will examine the home for issues with insects/pests, plumbing, electrical, roof, or the HVAC system.

Estimated cost: $175 – $300


Not every state will require an attorney fee, but when used they will review the closing docs for both the lender and the borrower.

Estimated cost: $500 – $1,000


To make sure the property’s boundary lines aren’t invading or violating another property, a professional survey will be taken.

Estimated cost: $150 – $400

Total Cost to Refinance

Roughly, the total cost to refinance should be anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. Because the total cost is based on your location this number could vary, but that’s the general range.

Are You Ready to Refinance?

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